#428 our story

August went by so quickly & in 3 days we will be going to the states where we will be in Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Tennessee.

I appreciate your fasting with me and I know that I have received the answer I needed from God.

Dottie’s debermans in their new home

9/16/2002. We had breakfast with Luther and Annette and then dropped Estella off at Union. In Guatemala Polly flew out to Mississippi to handle some business with land she and Carlos are selling. Angela was taken to court to meet with a judge who wanted to know why she was such a problem with her family and yet so good at Casa. Of course we knew the answer. Jesus! We only pray the courts can grasp that.

9/17. We had breakfast with Pastor Bob and wife Val. He was in Scotland when I ministered in his church, Vineyard, last Sunday. It was great to visit with them. Their church has been so kind to us. In Guatemala Byron went for a full day of orientation at the university where he will be studying medicine. Byron had to be one of the top ten boys to ever come to Casa. Sadly during his second year of studies he would die from an aneurism. I paid the $7000 monthly electric bill.

9/18. We drove to Clarksville, Tn. where we met with Thom and Shawna. We visited Fort Campbell where Thom had been given two unpackaged Korean War tents that we use at Casa for the visitors. In the evening we ministered at First Baptist of Bethlehem where many folks attend who have come to Casa. David and Lisa who were missionaries for 5 years in Guatemala drove over from Nashville to see us. Back home in Guatemala unbelievably all 5 of our vehicles were out of service. They are relics but they did get us to wherever we needed to be. Estella was with us.