#334 our story

We did our necessary business as we leave Saturday for Pasco, Wa.

I ask you to pray that we will be able to get two more sets of house parents & a maintenance man. Critical needs!!

An organization  by the name of IDUCARI had an activity for the younger children.

Josue’ flew into Nashville for the board meeting next week.

Gladys is ill so pray for her.

10/7/2002. Finals began today so there are many anxious students. Thirty-one of thirty-two 6thgraders will most certainly pass to Junior High. The one girl who will not pass arrived here late in the school year and simply had little academic experience in her life. The containers arrived with the beans and rice and the Lord held off the rain until we had all of it unloaded and stored. However this would be the only time that we had articles stolen from one of our containers at the port.

10/8. We had washers and dryers on the container so our men began early this morning installing them in the baby dorm and Carlos’s dorm. These are commercial washers and dryers.

10/9. Steve and John were able to get the old washer in the boy’s dorm running so that is a huge blessing. One of our greatest needs are an auto mechanic and a maintenance man. I am writing this in 2019 & we are desperate for a maintenance man and dorm parents. Dottie and I prayed about the long hours our baby dorm staff works so we gave them a 35% raise. 

10/10. There has always been a terrible trend of judges sending children back to their abusive parents when the school year is complete. So this is something we pray will not happen. In 2019 it is still happening. In order to be able to wrap the thousands of Christmas gifts we have the boys wrap the girl’s gifts & the girls wrap the boy’s gifts. It takes months to get that done.