#427 Our story

The 17 seniors presented their obligated presentations demanded by the department of Education for seniors in the nation.

This Monday, September 2, they will also begin their 30 day student practice. Thirteen students will work at the Mayor’s office in San Lucas and the rest at the mayor’s office in San Bartolome’.

I woke up sick this morning and I still am not well so please pray because we leave Tuesday for the states.

Josue’ is ill also but with something different.

Three of the seniors with their presentation

9/13/2002. Oh happy day! We surprised Estella at Union University in Jackson, Tn. Jack and Savella drove down from Illinois so we had a great time. Jack was ill so they visited a short time and then checked into a motel. Dottie and I took Estella to Ken & Julia’s farm for the weekend. In Guatemala Mandy was taken to the hospital as she was numb and had a throbbing headache. There were electrical outages throughout the day. The men finally discovered that the problem was that one of the clothes dryers was wired incorrectly. A new boy, Oliver, arrived as his father was shot to death today and his mother was killed a few days ago in an auto accident. At midnight the police arrived with four children ages 6, 3, 5 months & 3 months. They had been rescued in a sting where children were being sold. We would learn in court that a couple had a number of girls as young as 12 they were impregnating and then selling babies.

9/14. We enjoyed our time on the farm with Estella and literally just rested. We drove to Humboldt for the evening.

9/15. This Sunday proved to be wonderful as I shared to two packed churches. We were at Vineyard in the morning and then at First Baptist in the evening. Both groups were so receptive. Dottie’s older brother, Luther, and wife Annette surprised her as they drove from Nashville to see her. In Guatemala the rains were very heavy. But despite the rain our marching band participated in the Independence Day parade.