#426 Our story

The staff had breakfast together this morning. Everyone is so busy and our staff so large that we do not see one another enough. Do you realize that we have 73 paid staff members? So with spouses, children of staff and all of the Americans(12) who do not get paid there are over 100 people without even counting all of the children. It is difficult to see one another often.

Many of you know Gaby who has muscular dystrophy & is blind in one eye but comes to church here & has Sunday dinner with us. A situation happened and they had to preform surgery on her good eye. This morning she told Dottie & I that she is blind & that they will know for sure if they can help her in 2 months. Pray for her!!!

The children had family dinner on the grounds.

Hector and Gabby with Jorge

9/8/2002. We shared our power point at Spring Creek Presbyterian Church in Montevallo, Alabama with Pastor Scott in the morning and then in the evening we shared with Pastor Chuck at Grace Community Church in Milbrook. Back home in Guatemala we had a visiting pastor minister to the children. After church the visiting teams finished putting on the roof of the school.

9/9. We were able to visit with Wendy who at one time was on our staff. She is praying that her medical condition, a tumor, will be healed and she can return to us. Afterwards Donnie and his wife took us to dinner. In Guatemala Steve had to take a child to court where he had to face an irate mother. Eventually the judge said that the child was lying.

9/10. We spent the day shopping and then drove to Elkmont Baptist near Athens, Alabama where we ministered with Pastor David. He has brought teams to Guatemala from four churches. Back home we received two sexually abused girls ages 6 and 9.

9/11. This is our last day of shopping. We are near Florence, Alabama with Bill Boles who allowed us to use his truck and then his storage building. He will send the items to Gulf Port to be shipped. In the evening we were at Killen First Baptist Church. In Guatemala the teens are practicing in our marching band for the Independence Parade in San Bartolome.

9/12. We rested in Athens. In Guatemala the new water pump was installed and it is working like gang busters. Everyone was able to bathe. The water output is double. We received five children ages 11, 9, 7, 6 and 3 whose mother is dying from cancer. Their father is already dead.