#424 our story

The staff had training with the fire extinguishers.

Amie came through the removal of the tumor in her brain. Keep praying.

Paola who is one of our young adults has been working as a traffic policeman but has found a better job in a restaurant.  

We are still waiting for how Gabby has done with the eye surgery.

Hector and Gabriella with us

9/3. Now let me tell you about my first trip to the penitentiary in Leaksville. I was so pressured to come up with a sermon for hard core prisoners. It seemed that every scripture I read just did not fit the circumstances. As the prisoners filed in and filled the room I was not sure that I could even open my mouth and say anything useful. So I bowed my head and told God that I had nothing to say and would He fill my mouth.

In the front row directly in front of the pulpit was the largest man I had ever seen. He actually took two seats. He had shackles on whereas none of the others did. I looked over the crowd of men and I heard myself say, “In Guatemala I have hundreds of children just like you”. Of course this caught all their attentions and they stared at me as though I was crazy because the nun had introduced me as having a home for children.

My next words had to come from the throne of God. I said, “Many of my children are just like you. They have never known a father’s love”. Immediately the large man rose to his feet causing the guards to come forward and he cried out, “Would you hold me?” 

I held his large frame and prayed for him and as I was doing that the prisoners came forward in a line and one-by-one wanted me to hold them. The time I was given passed so the nun asked the head guard to call his superior and ask him that the allotted time be extended. The guard told his chief what was happening and they allowed me to stay until all who came forth had been hugged and prayed for.

I have since been there 3 times and hugging them never gets old.