#422 our story

The wedding was beautiful. Since we raised both Hector & Gabby theu ws special to Dottie & I. Louisiana won the American Little league World Series. 61 years ago I was kicked in the mouth in a ball game & there was one false tooth placed in my upper teeth and today it fell out. Sixty-one years later!

Jorge in dialysis s the ring bearer

8/26-30/2002. Dottie and I flew to the states on Tuesday and were able to visit with our son, Chad, and his family. We also were able to see our daughter, Becky, and her family in the evening.

On Wednesday we saw our daughter, Tanya and her children. I often have said that the only downside in our lives as missionaries is not watching our children and grandchildren except for a day or two twice a year.  We spoke in the evening service at Word of Life in Patterson, La. This was one of the first three churches to support us when we came to Guatemala. Now it is 2019 and they are still so faithful to support us. 

On Thursday we drove to New Orleans where we went to two of our most favorite Christian Book Stores. First, we spent an hour in the book store at New Orleans Seminary and then in the afternoon we went over the river to Algiers to what has to be one of the most unique Christian book stores in the world. They have books from the 16thcentury. My library in Guatemala would eventually house thousands of Christian books. The reason is because I never went to seminary so I have all these books that allow me to study all the books and themes on the Word of God. Sadly, hurricane Katrina would destroy this book store.

We finished the month of August on Friday evening in the home of Ed Dicks in Mandeville where we shared with his family and friends.