#421 our story

Gladys & I went & bought Christmas gifts for a couple of dorms. In fact we filled the car twice with gifts for the 5 youngest dorms.

Dottie worked on the items we will need when we go to the states such as vitamines, coffee, etc.

8/22/2002. JW, Tony, David Shirley and Rosa arrived. The men are all I-tech guys and will be working with Paula to get our web site working. Shirley is a nurse and will be staying two months. I believe that today we received the most damaged teen girl ever. She was raped by her father and regularly beaten with barbwire by her mother. She is covered with scars and had a grand mal seizure within an hour of arriving. 

8/23 & 24th. Dottie and I drove to Pizabaj, Xepetan and Patujul to dedicate three churches. I want to thank all of you who give so we can build these churches, Sunday school builds and pastor’s home. Pastor Alejandro was the second pastor for whom we built a church nearly 8 years. We had to double the size of the church last year. We spent the night in Pana and then visited an area where we are going to build the next church.

Sadly Pastor Alejandro would die from a bursted appendix. His daughter would come and live with us. We met with two pastors whom we had sent to seminary. So the last two days were ordained of God.

8/25. David drove to Mexico to purchase land to build a church. This will be the third church that he has built. When he arrived in Tapachula, Mexico the pastor asked David to go with him and distribute Bibles. At one house the woman opened the door and when she saw David she grabbed him and said, “I attended your church you built here and I got saved so I want to donate property for another church.”