#420 our story

The second floor constructed for dialysis for Dr. Lou is identical to the first floor of our construction for dialysis.

The Texas team was finally free to do outside activities due to all the rain so they scheduled a water balloon fight for the baby dorm. Then the heavens opened again.

The older girls & female staff had a baby shower for Marin Estephany.

Dottie & I drove to San Miguel Catarina which was a two hour drive from our house. This is where Hector & Gabby are getting married on Saturday. That will a long day for us old folks as it will begin at 4pm.

8/18/2002. Although I am suffering from a stomach flu-like symptoms I had ordered 170 pillows, comforters, sheets and pillow cases for the teenagers as a Christmas gift so I had to drive down into the city to pay for them and bring them back to Casa. Christmas buying is all year round.

8/19. I was awakened at 4am by our guard because a totally nude woman was beating on the gate. I went up there and discovered that she had been gang raped as well as stabbed with a machete. We took her to the hospital in Chimaltenano where we were met by the police.  Luis, our guard, went to the village & they began searching for the rapists.

8/20. A few years ago we received 4 children who all had the same mother. Two of the children had negro fathers and two had Guatemalan fathers. Fellix had been adopted by an African American family in South Dakota. We had not seen him in 7 years. This morning he arrived in Guatemala and the oldest girl, Yakelin, literally said, “God has answered my prayer. My brother who lost has come home”. Felix would return to the states and join the US Army and serve overseas. But what a joy it was to have him here for the month.

8/21. Linette arrived and will be taking Paula’s position as a dorm parent and Paula will be our technical advisor and photographer.