#419 our story

We received another little boy so that is a blessing because our population has been low.

The rains are torrential so the team from Tombol is limited in what they can do outside. So they have been cleaning all the walls in the baby dorm.

Hector and Gaby are getting married Saturday & they asked little Jorge from dialysis to be the ring bearer. I wish I would have kept a record on how many children from Casa that I have had the honor to perform their weddings.

8/14/2002.We took the little girl who was raped at 18 months to the hospital where she was to have surgery on her vagina, anus and intestines. After waiting for two hours we were told that the physicians had declared a strike so the surgery would not be performed today. A Messianic Christian group arrived and would share with our teenagers so many interesting facts about the Jewish faith. They then gave their testimonies of their individual conversions to Christ. It was so interesting. They even performed dances that went all the back to the time of Moses.

8/15. We took the young child back to the hospital and were told that she could not have surgery until mid September.

8/16. Steve and Sheryl returned last night. Today both Brennen & Steve F returned from vacation. They actually drove from Minnesota to Guatemala. Amanda, from Alabama, arrived for two months to help us. The interns who come to Casa are so helpful to us.

8/17. This is one of my most favorite stories of my more than thirty years at Casa. A group of 6 of our children were standing outside the property by the back gate. A man was walking down the road as he approached the group he pulled a machete from behind his back and swung at Lesbia. But before the blade could hit her Analy reached out and grabbed the swinging blade cutting her palm severely. I asked her how she knew he was going to do that and her answer was, “When I saw him walking towards us me I heard the Holy Spirit say to watch him”.

The man ran away and a few minutes later a group of our villagers came running down the road. The man had killed someone down the road. The group caught him and gave him vigilante justice. Analy needed 18 stitches