#418 our story

We received a new boy last night who seemed to be happy to be here.

Cindy went to the courts & the judge informed us that they could not find a home for her that can help with her dialysis.

The team had pizza & a soccer game with the Vencedores boys.

8/10/2002.   We had to build a structure for the taking of the Christmas photograph  

tomorrow. There were two different mission teams passing through to go minister in other places who just stopped by to see Casa.

8/11. Picture day! We began at 7am trying to line everyone up for the photo and it was a chore trying to corral over 400 children as well as all of the staff. It was like herding kittens. The largest problem as after we had everyone where they needed to be the 100 youngest could not all be still at the same time. So the photo that you will receive will have young’uns looking in every direction.

8/12. The Pennsylvania team left and I had to take a child to court so he could give his testimony of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. John had to take a sick child to the hospital.

8/13. The wife of the President of Guatemala called me to come to her office in the palace. When I arrived she said, “I know how blessed you have been these last 13 years and I need your help. There is a new government home for children and we need beds and furnishings. Could you help me?” Of course, we began assisting her and would continue to do so through the three presidential terms. Since we were able to get containers we could ship whatever we needed. So over the next three Presidential terms we shipped thousands of pounds of rice, beans, school desks and materials and many beds. During the fourth presidential term the government was cited for selling some of our items we donated. So Congress removed the First Ladies from working with us. Today was the first day that our deaf child, Carlos, went to the deaf school with hearing aids