#417 our story

Tuesday Cindy 2 in dialysis goes to court & we need people praying that the judge will find a place for her.

Our prayer list is long as we still need house parents for the little boys by the first of December and house parents for the teenage girls by May, 2020.

The CNA which is overseeing all homes is asking for a detailed report on every child under 18. This includes medical, educational, psychology, social worker, etc. It is a massive undertaking.

The team had an ice cream party for the teenage girls in Esperanza.

8/7/2002. I was a very proud father today as there was a parent/teacher meeting at the public high school in San Bartolome’ where our children attend. Hector, Augustinen Ruby, Yemi, Flor de Maria, Pablo and Mildred were 7 of the top 10 students. Flor won the writing competition; Melvin won the art competition while Vinicio, Yohanna, Gerson and Pablo won the music competition with the song “I wiil praise Him”. They sang it through in both English and Spanish. Dottie’s mother left today with Debbie. 

8/8. We received 3 new children. Albert is 7, Everson is 8 and Norma is one. It is unbelievable but a judge called and asked if I would take a 16 year old who slit his father’s throat while the father slept. The judge said that the father beat the mother daily so they did not think the boy was really a danger. We did not accept him. The teams here this week have painted the college boy’s dorm and one of the dorms we use for visitors. There is an outbreak of chicken pocks in the baby dorm and our older teenage girls have helped us so much. There are over 40 toddlers with chicken pocks.

8/9. God really showed Himself today! Our lawyer went to court involving an auto accident the knocked out our electric lines. An official in the court pulled him aside and said, “I am a new Christian because of the children at Casa Aleluya.” The judge then called court into session so they were unable to finish the conversation. I took Delmy and Byron to Forensics where they were examined and documented for the many signs of abuse. They told the physician that their mother beat them with an electric wire. I paid the phone bill which was $7,880.