The Texas team wanted to have water balloon games yesterday and today but we had heavy rain both days. They did have a piñata with the dialysis dorm. They were also able to have smores with the children in the baby dorm. 

In spite of the rain the team had an evening soccer tournament for the older boys.

This morning after the worship service I had to call Dottie up to pray for me due to dizziness. I was able to give the sermon.

8/5/2002. A gentleman from the states promised me in January that he would help with the extra salaries we have to pay all of our staff twice a year. He kept his word so I paid the employees today and a huge load was removed from my shoulders. We took Dottie’s mother on a tour of Antigua and Chimaltenango. Then we had lunch with Jim and Karen who have a ministry near Tecpan.

Tonight I was talking with the teenagers and asking about their dreams and plans for the future. When I asked Paola what her plans were she answered, “I want to to college then get a job and go to California”. I asked her, “Why California?” and she answered, “My daddy abandoned my mother and me when I was born. He lives in California and I want to meet him and tell him about Jesus so he will come back yo my mother.”

8/6. Would you believe that Karen, Mike, David and Regina and Andrew all left for their vacation? The children did surprise Dottie’s mother with a party since today was her 80thbirthday. She received over 100 hand drawn birthday cards. She was brought to tears by this act of love.