#415 our story

The team from Texas arrived.  

The morning weather was beautiful until noon. Then it rained extremely hard and turned cold.

Dottie ate with the team while I gave my testimony while they were eating. This was a first.

Aroldo has been invited to a symposium in Mexico. It will deal with understanding more about dialysis. He is such a good dialysis technician. He has such a compassionate heart for children who are ill with kidney failure.

8/1/2002. The team Dottie’s mother came with was from Abundant Life in Rayne, La. There were six of them and this morning Phillip from Little Rock arrived with 5 folks. In the afternoon 16 folks from Pennsylvania arrived so we have had and continue to have a busy and blessed summer. 

8/2. The rains have been daily. Dottie’s mother is turning 80 this month and is enjoying herself so much. The children are planning a surprise birthday party for her. Dottie’s mother died many years ago so Juanita is Dottie’s step-mother. But Dottie’s father loved Juanita so much. When I am around Juanita I think of how Dottie’s father loved me and led me to Jesus. Due to his health he was never able to fly here and see all that God has done. And it all began with him telling me about Jesus.

8/3. Two teens, Terry and Jane, helped us this summer and they left for the states this morning. I envy them! When I was their age I never even considered going to a foreign country and helping others. There is a very large team from Grand Valley P in Pennsylvania Presbyterian arriving tonight,

8/4. I had Bible study with the Americans and then in the evening we had the regular Sunday service with the children. Today was visiting day so we began early with church then entertained the parents and then closed the day with the evening service. I did have to remove a drunk father from the premises. Then I caught one of my Guatemalan workers stealing clothes and giving them to one of the parents so I fired her on the spot.