#414 our story

We received new boy two days ago & a little girl yesterday.

Dottie spoke to the Ladies Bible Study of Guatemala. Gladys went with her.

The university group who is giving Dottie planters, etc. came today & showed all the items they make. 

The art club with the swan made from scrap material

7/27/2002. Chris and Charlie’s group left this morning. They did so much. They were able to install a new water pump and all of the lines to get the water tank functioning properly. 

7/28. Today was a happy Sunday as the children and visitors both responded to the praise and preaching. Then the team played games and spent time with the children. The most important thing that teams can do is to connect with a child. Every child needs to know that they are noticed and important. The children will begin their third semester finals Wednesday.

7/29. The Pope arrived and it is estimated that 500,000 people filled the streets. He will celebrate mass tomorrow for this huge throng of people. He has come to Guatemala to canonize the first ever Guatemalan to sainthood. Melvin and I took the opportunity to go in the other direction to visit Bernie and Trish who have a feeding ministry on a remote mountain. They also have a wonderful program of teaching the mothers of the children how to sew. The items they make are then sent to the states to be sold and the money goes to the mother. 

7/30. I made radio shows as Melvin leaves in the morning for the states and can mail the tapes to KAJN. The estimate for the crowds to attend the mass by the 

Pope is 750,000. So there were many thousands who never got to see the Pope at all. John and Robyn arrived about an hour after the Pope flew out so they were in heavy traffic.

7/31. Melvin left this morning while Phillip, Arkansas, arrived. We were so excited today as Dottie’s mother came to Casa. She flew with Debbie and the group from Louisiana. I suppose that my greatest disappointment is that Dottie’s father never was able to come to Guatemala and see what God has done. He was responsible for leading me to Jesus so this ministry is an outreach of his love and faithfulness to tell me about Jesus.