#413 our story

Another holiday so when Dottie and I were returning from the city after buying the food & supplies for the children in our house while we are in the states it was nearly a 2 hour trip home.

Our first church in the states is Hungry Generation church in Paco, Wa. 

my grandchildren

7/23/2002. Little Jonathan has pneumonia. When a child is hospitalized we have to provide an older child to stay with him so we are blessed to have so many teens with compassion. That allows us to rotate them. A group from Pastor Teddy’s church in Alabama came to work one day for us. They poured a slab for the water tank for the younger girls. Our telephone is not working as thieves stole the phone lines in front of our home. In fact they stole over a mile of cable.

7/24. Today I took Melvin to Pochuta where we got another birth certificate. Pochuta is a climb of 13 miles up a dirt road. This is where Celia was born. We came back by Patula where we were able to get Sandra’s  birth certificate.

7/25. The teens are helping us with the little girl staying in our house. So we have two teams of teenagers with one group helping here and the other helping in the hospital. The other little girl who was molested came home from the hospital. She has a colostomy so she will also being staying in our house. 

7/26. A new boy, Moses, age 11 arrived today. He has been in four other homes and ran away all 4 times. So we pray that he will feel the love of God here. While we were talking with him he asked Carlos what did it mean to be saved. After Carlos explained salvation Moses asked Christ to come into his heart. Jonathon has pneumonia and now developed diarrhea. Our 12 year olds participated in a soccer tournament in San Lucas and won first place.