#412 our story

A group of students from San Carlos University have a decoration assignment & they have chosen Dottie so they came with beautiful plants & homemade planters. Dottie loves her plants so the word has even reached the university.

Savannah intern, left today.

7/19/2002. The Woodlands group left today. Chris and Charlie arrived from Alabama. Three of our workers, Paula, Polly and Danny are all ill.

7/20.Flor & Diana had their first violin recital and due to our shortage of staff I was the only one who could attend. They did well and I was so proud of them. The North Carolina team left this morning. A group of teenagers surprised with a birthday party. They actually cooked a pork dinner. Then they sang to us and did a skit.

7/21. Today is Sunday and we had a great service but then the rains came and since today is visiting day for the parents there was little room to keep everyone out of the rain. The men worked in the rain as they are attempting to get a water pump and large container on the roof of John & Robyn’s dorm.

7/22. Steve had his eye surgery in Houston and it went very well. The child who was raped at 18 months returned from the hospital following surgery. She has a colostomy that is very uncomfortable. She will stay in the house with Dottie and me. Little Jonathon is so very ill so he is in the hospital. Melvin, my pastor, arrived and we went from the airport to Zacapa to get birth certificates. It took 6 hours so Melvin has been traveling all day. We received a new baby, Moses, who is only one year old but was beaten by his father because he kept crying.