#411 our story

I worked on the finances for the last 3 months.

Government offices in the city were closed.

Ice cream parties for Angelitos and Vencedores.

UNEIRC took the Genesis children to the movies.

Pray for us to find a place for Cindy. She turns 18 next month.

Jones family giving ice cream

7/15/2002. The team went to the baby dorm to help with the children as they woke up and again we had no water. Anna’s father abused her and that is why she is with us. Last night he was drunk & fell down the stairs breaking his neck and dying instantly.

7/16. On top of the problem with our water we now only have two commercial washers working. That means we have three out of service. Dottie & I took John and Robyn to the airport at 4am and then drove to Mazatenango, Cuyotenango, Nueva Pueblo Tiquesate and finally Puerto San Jose’ to get birth certificates for Claudia, Jon, Lily and others It was a 14 hour day and when we returned home we found out that Lesli, 13, had to have an emergency appendectomy. 

7/17. An 18 month old was raped by her father. She is now 30 months old and she had her first of what will be 3 surgeries to repair the damage. Wendy began radiation treatment today so we have spent all day in the hospital.

7/18. The surgery on the 30 month old went well but she did have a very uncomfortable night. Damaris was robbed coming home from school. It happened at a bus stop in broad daylight and no one helped her. We received two new children Delmy & Bryan. The mother is a prostitute and she left her children alone all night. There are three other children who will come to Casa after they are released from the hospital. The police report said that there was also a two year old who fell in a sewer and drowned. This is the reason the police got involved