#410 or story

Timothy was the first pastor we built a home for. He is the father of Sara, Rosa, Timoteo, Jacob and Ezdras and their mother died today.

Alejandro Giammatti is the new president of Guatemala. He is a 63 year old physician.He walks with crutches due to multiple sclerosis. 80% of Guatemalans do not want migrants so that will be one of first problems to deal with. Only 43% of eligible voters voted.

Greiselda pulled her catheter out again. Emotionally she is a wreck.

Mike & Jessica brought shoes for some of the children & then servd ice cream to Buen Pastor.


7/11/2002. I paid the electric bill which was $6,300. Then Dottie and I went to 3 villages to get birth certificates. One of the villages was Santa Cruz Balanya and no one spoke Spanish in the court house. It took a while and much laughter for us to get the birth certificates. In fact, they sent me to the public school because the principal there spoke English. The next village that we went to looked at the name and after looking through their records said that the village where the child was born was a 3 mile walk on a dirt path. So Dottie and I had a most interesting day. I asked why the name of the village had a sign with the name of the other village and the answer was “This is the only place where two trees were close enough to hang a sign.”  So it was a most entertaining birthday for me.

7/12. The Woodlands ladies left today. The pipe on the well bursted so we are without water. Our girls won the regional soccer championship. Then 3 hours later our boys won their regional championships. Oseas had an incredible report card with four 100s and all the rest of his courses were 93% or higher. 

7/13. Unbelievably we had more water problems as a two inch line broke and only one of our tanks could fill. Another group arrived from The Woodlands, Tx. As well as a team from Charlotte, NC came with Mike G.

7/14. Robyn’s father had a heart attack so she and John will leave tomorrow to be with him.