#409 Our story

I was so blessed with this morning’s message as many children & adults responded to the altar call.

Those 18 & over all walked together to San Bartolome’ to vote for President. The last voting session was so dangerous so we kept them together.

Mike & Jessica brought us suitcases of shoes to help us out for Christmas. 


7/9/2002. When I enrolled the 8 students yesterday it costs $1500 and I only had $!000 so I had to return today. These are not the only high school students we have. There are 28 that we have to enroll in different schools throughout Guatemala City. Every student needs a new certified birth certificate and some of our children were born many miles away in various villages. Dottie and I have to go to each village to get birth certificates so it will take 10 days to find the correct village. 

We pulled up the affected tile in the baby dorm and replaced it. We had to purchase   

A new water pump.

Sadly we are still having water problems. The courts sent us a 12 year old girl whose is a prostitute. Children like this are normally in the room when the sex takes place so they come with a warped idea of love and marriage. A pastor found her and led her to Christ and then brought her to court. 

7/10. Moving day! There are now 69 children in the dorm with John and Robyn. The Texas ladies worked all day moving clothes and toys to the new dorm as well as making the beds, etc. The ladies finished the day with a “Princess Party” with the little girls. Estella called today from Union University in Jackson, Tn. to tell us that she met a boy who is from Guatemala so she can speak in Spanish. His father is a pastor in Jackson. As I write this today, July 12, 2019, they are married with three children. God has blessed her so much.