Kevin is working at a hospital as a dialysis technician.

The University of San Carlos is entering its 3rdweek of being shut down. This means our kids who need to finish this semester in order to graduate are not able to do so.

We are having to find another home for Cindy 2 in dialysis as she is turning 18 and can no longer live here. 

Mike & Jessica arrived today.

7/6/2002. The teens cleaned the upstairs of the dorm and will move in tomorrow hopefully. The bunk beds were installed as the teen boys helped the girls get settled into the new dorm. By moving these girls we can now have space for 80 teenage girls. The teens are upstairs and the downstairs of this dorm will now house girls 6 to 8 years old of which we have 60. A team from Texas arrived so we had help in moving the children. 

If you remember Henry and Candy who came to Casa years ago because their father had drowned at a family picnic today their older brother was shot and is paralyzed.

7/7. Incredibly 15 year old Jose went home to visit his mother and while he was there his 17 year old brother was shot to death while walking with Jose’. Two shootings in two days. Steve and Jim were able to get the water flowing with very strong pressure.

7/8. Problems began at one o’clock in the morning as the baby dorm was taking on water and the floor was buckling. We worked from one o’clock until late afternoon. Actually I had to leave about noon to go and enroll 8 high school students in the city. It was not fun as it took over two hours to get all the paper work completed and purchase texts and uniform sweaters. The skirts and pants have to be done by a seamstress back in San Bartolome’.