#407 our story

HELP! My Sunday morning preaching engagement fell through for September 15th. We have an engagement in Decatur, Illinois for September 22nd. We can drive anywhere to be with a church that wants us. We can then minister anywhere on Wednesday as we drive
South back to Lake Charles. Please email me at casa_aleluya@yahoo.comor call Debbie at 337-855-1286. Pray about it please and contact us soon as possible.

Today there were some tears and some smiles as the children received their report cards for the third semester. I do not want any of them to think that they have no opportunity to still pass the school year.

Children’s church praise team

7/1/2002. Throughout the last month the soccer World Cup has been playing out. Our boys watched every game that they could. When Brazil beat Germany I thought our kids would be happy that a South American team won. But they were very sad and I said, “I thought you guys would be happy” and they replied, “Brazil is not Spanish. They are Portugese.” Dottie and I took two days off as Steve & Sheryl, Dave & Regina, Paula, Brennen and Wendy are either gone or leaving in a few days for their month’s vacation.

7/2. Each Tuesday evening I have a visiting minister share with the teenagers. They really enjoy Pastor Sergio so he will be ministering here each Tuesday for 3 months. 

7/3. The courts sent us an eleven year old boy who was beaten so badly by his father that he has been hospitalized for three weeks. He was the happiest child we have ever received when the police brought him here. Jim H. is installing lights on the water tower as well as starting the water to be pumped to the new tanks.

7/4. The courts sent us a 13 year old rape victim. The police know that she was raped by a family member but cannot get to the truth. Even the mother is not willing to tell the truth and protect her daughter. Thirty bunk beds arrived today.

7/5. A 10 year old girl, Carolina, arrived. She was sent here because her parents were murdered. The Mayan dialect she speaks is not known by any of our children but I know that she will learn Spanish quickly.