#406 our story

The Sunday is election ay so we are expecting violence & demonstrations. It is a run off between the ex-wife of a former president. She divorced him so she could run.

We had a hard rain which always makes Dottie happy for her plants.

Tomorrow is report card day.

6/28/2002. Remember Olga who worked for us but had kidney failure. Today she passed away. She was only 23 years old and the only Christian in her family. Dottie and I attended the funeral in San Jose Poaquil where the family asked that I speak a few words. After the funeral Dottie and I stopped in Chimaltenango & ordered 30 bunk beds for the baby dorm. We have 135 children in the baby dorm. There were 155 but we opened another dorm where we moved the older babies. 

One of our boys, Mario, who is 12 years old and ran away at least six times to be with his mother. She is a widow and he is an only child. She had him placed here so he would be safe from the gangs as well as receive an education. Three days ago he ran away and his mother called to tell us he was with her and she would be bringing him back after the weekend. Today he was shot to death while standing in front of a store. The mother is devastated. After his murder the buses in that area refused to provide service unless a policeman or a soldier would ride on each bus.

6/29. I preached Mario‚Äôs funeral and the only people who attended were the mother and a rival gang. It was so sad. The Mississippi and Alabama teams left. The Pennsylvania team is nearly finished painting the school rooms. 

6/30. We painted the new sign to put on our water towel.