#405 our story

The children will have “Let’s Play Together” from 1-4pm with all the children & staff.

The runoff for the Presidency is Sunday so there were more demonstrations on the high- ways especially in the city.

We are still awaiting a technician for the water on the back property.

The mayor came by & we have hired him for next year as math/science teacher. 

6/25/2002. Debbie is teaching the 22 pairs of teenagers what to do to help Carmen. I was able to go back and forth with the electric company and the bill went from $20,000 to $7,420. Four new children arrived. The are Jacqueline, age 3, Jans,2, Ruby, 5 months, and Jessica, 7. Dottie and I drove all the way to Chichicastenango to deliver ten boxes of Bibles for John and Sharon’s ministry. They were in the midst of trying to deal with flooding on their property. Steve and I contacted an engineer and they are sending a team to fix the problem. We also visited Elizabeth Nolan who feeds 200 children every day. Genesis seems to be doing better with her kidney problem.

6/26. The visiting teams fixed dinner for the staff. They fed enchiladas to 70 people. The new commodes were installed in the new dorm for girls. I had to buy 20 more bunk beds as our population just keeps growing. The electrical company sent two men to ask if we could give them 3 meters of wire as they had run out while working down the highway from us.

6/27. Debbie, physical therapist, and Bill, mission director at First Baptist in Milan, Tn., left for the states. We still have not been able to get telephone land lines so each Sunday Dottie and I go to Guatemala City where we use a pay phone in a hotel. This is the only way we can contact Debbie in our office in Lake Charles. The Mississippi team led a number of children to the Lord during the VBS.