#404 our story

There was a nation wide demonstration blocking highways due to the fact that San Carlos University the largest university in Guatemala and also without tuition receiving students by merit only is wanting to de-privatize it.

Our seniors had fund raisers and purchased tooth brushes and tooth paste and went into the villages and distributed them. 

6/22/2002. A bus was racing with a large truck and they collided and took out our electrical services and a large portion of our wall. It was amazing as there was gasoline running everywhere and going into the baby dorm but the children ran and began sweeping the gasoline away. It could have been a real disaster. Also the wall that was taken down was only 5 feet from where Alex and Sarah’s little is where they live with two babies.  Wendy, Vanessa and Polly took the girls from the Esperanza dorm to the zoo. Two groups arrived from Mississippi and Alabama.

6/23. We needed a Sunday like this where we had two good services. One was in Spanish and then the other was in English. 

6/24. It was great! Two 18 wheelers arrived filled with medical equipment including at x-ray suite. We had to rent a fork lift to unload it. We donated the x-ray suite to a Christian hospital in the city. Dr. Surgio is a strong Christian and a good friend. Sadly he would die in his forties. We also received so many school supplies that we were able to donate much to a Christian school in San Lucas. The VBS team began as soon as the containers were unloaded and we expect it is going to be a great week. They are from Escatawpa and are the most organized group you have ever seen.

Angelina began her college classes today. We had an earthquake off the coast of Guatemala but it only gave us a good shaking here at Casa. The Philadelphia group is painting the school classrooms.