#403 Our story

Dottie & I took Duke to the airport.

We still do not have all the Sundays & Wednesdays scheduled for September so if you want to call Debbie & see what is available we would love to come to your church. Her phone number I 337-855-1286.

Our 18 seniors will do their practice work with 14 in San Lucas and 4 in San Bartolome.

Our water on the back property is not running most the each day. It is critical we find the problem. Pray!

6/20/2002. At one in the morning we received a 15 year old who was raped by her step-father. She cried for hours so Dottie and I got very little sleep. 

6/21/. There seems to be a tragedy everyday. I took Lesbia to her school in Chimaltenango and there was a large group of teenage girls waiting for me. They wanted to tell me that their classmate, age 14, had shown up pregnant. She told her parents that she was raped. However, one of the girls found a letter she had written to a teacher and that teacher was the one who had sex with her. The letter was asking the teacher to pay for an abortion. He is married and has two children. So we called her parents to tell them the truth then took them and their daughter to the police. Carmen whom you may remember quit breathing during an appendectomy needs special care. I asked the teenage girls how many would like to pride care for Carmen and 44 girls stepped up. What a tremendous act of compassion!

We were blessed this afternoon when we received a visit from The Buckner Children’s Home in Dallas. They want to provide shoes and clothes for Casa and we in turn would help distribute shoes and clothes to others.  Esvin broke his arm in school today. After being treated he asked if he could go to the bank. On his way back to Casa he was robbed so it was not a good day for him. 

The teenagers asked if we could have an evening of praise & preaching tonight since it appears the devil is just causing one problem upon another. It was fabulous as we went from 7pm until 7am with many teenagers getting touched by God. It was as though heaven fell on us.