Hillbilly visited.

Josue took Duke to see Reina & Guadelupe whom he began sponsoring years ago.

The mass shootings in Texas and Ohio is going to affect the Latino community here.

One teenage boy gave his life to Jesus today. God is so good.

6/17/02. Today Brennen, Steve, Rene and Paula all left for their month’s vacation so we are very short handed. Sheryl is very stressed with the baby dorm and the kitchen duties so Dottie & Nadelia took over the kitchen duties. Wendy, our nurse, is ill so we are running on fumes right now as far as staff is concerned. The team from Pennsylvania left today. A group arrived from Gulfport, Ms and brought music instruments. They will be teaching the children this week. We have 6 girls studying the keyboard now. 

6/18. A new government policy went into effect today. Children who are in homes like ours must be declared either permanent or abandoned. If abandoned they will be eligible for adoption. Of course, we want the children to stay here and get saved; get an education and help change their nation. This policy would quickly be changed. The baby, Jonathon, is in critical condition in the hospital in ICU. The diagnosis is a lung development problem causing low oxygen levels leading to the seizures. The physician asked us to pray because Jonathan also has heart failure.6/19. Genesis, age 5, began taking a series of tests concerning her kidney problems. A 14 year old boy came to the gate all the way from the Mexican border and asked if he could live here. We took him to court and they allowed us to take him. While I was in court another court sent 6 children: Jacquelin, Jose, Rafael, Marilyn, Juan and Marleny. We are trying to relieve Steve’s schedule so Herb and Bob will look after the maintenance duties. We are having a running battle with the electric company as they say we owe $20,000