I just cannot get rid of his mild fever and sore throat so I need you to pray for me.

I worked on the finances some more and then spent time reading.

Everything is very calm today as we have no visitors.

6/14/2002. Today was the strangest day since we have been in Guatemala. A mother went to the courts and told them we had abused her children. They are no longer at Casa and so the police investigated her home where they discovered she had killed one of her children. She was trying to place the blame on us. She was arrested and in jail. The children were sent to another home until after the trial because they will testify against their mother. 

I went to get Silvio’s report card. He is studying in a high school that prepares students who want to go to college and study medicine. His grades were so good that the school is cutting his tuition in half. He scored 100%, 98%, 92%, 90%, and 80% in his five pre-med courses. Recently we received a baby who is very ill with epilepsy and today had such a hard seizure that his intestines were damaged so he is in the hospital.

6/15. The police arrived at 5pm to tell me that there was a gang of kidnappers in our area and that the police found two babies. They asked if I would guard the two until the police could decide whom the children belonged to. The Tennessee team left today. 

6/16. Mission Fiesta left $1.50 for each child so we began taking them in groups to the village to spend their money. This evening some of the Americans had items missing so we began a search. The culprits turned out to be “The gang that could not lie” which was a group of 6 and 7 year olds. We recovered the loot. We hospitalized Genesis as she is experiencing stomach pains. They believe it is her kidneys.