#400 our story

Would you believe that our story which we put on face book daily is #400 and I am only in the middle of June 2002?

Duke made 4 tables for the dining room.

The boys helped Oscar & Alex to clean up the welding shop and are cleaning the area on the back property.

We had our staff time of praise, Bible lesson and prayer. 

These are the students who participated in the district math olympis.

 6/12/2002. One of our workers is Olga who is a Mayan Indian from Poaquil.  She is dying from kidney failure. We went to visit her today. She is only 22 years old. We took another of our workers who is her vest friend. She is Juanita. We were told to go to Tecpan to Juanita’s house. When we arrived it was a horrible scene. Juanita’s uncle got drunk and angry and cut his baby son in half with a machete. The court sent us a 14v year old pregnant girl who was impregnated by her father. Oseas was returning home from school on a bus and a woman was stepping off the bus and the driver began moving and the woman fell and the bus ran over her killing her instantly. Oseas saw it all so he is traumatized. 

6/13. Wes and his family arrived today with his son, Brad, who was adopted from here and this is his first trip back to Guatemala. Wes is chairman of our board. There is a group from Ohio known as Mission Fiesta and they come to Guatemala once a year and host a birthday party of all of the children They even give a gift to each child.  In 1995 Gary, Dan, Janet and Hazel came for a visit and decided they wanted to do something special so Mission Fiesta was born. They began with their first party at Casa and have grown to where they hosted birthdays for over 2000 children in other homes in Guatemala.