#399 our story

 Duke spent the day making tables for the dining hall. Many of the tables are more than 25 years old.

I am still not recovering too well from whatever is ailing me.

Yesterday Sebastian and I had to go to the bank & do some major financial work.

I also worked on the end of the month financial report.

We received a new little girl.

The children have one more day of finals so they are happy.

6/8/2002. We had appraise, prayer and preaching time from 8pm until midnight. Each time we do this there are teens who receive Christ. Some of the Alabama team stayed right there with us until 12:30a.m. I had a young preacher come from nearby. I have asked him to come each Tuesday and minister to the teens. Another home was closed. They only had 6 children and 3 were sent to us. All six were teens who lived in the streets so the chance of them escaping is high.

6/9. We had a special service for the Americans who are visiting. Pastor Scott from Spring Creek Presbyterian ministered. Over the years we have had Church of God, Southern Baptist, Lutheranism, Episcopalian, Catholic, Church of Christ, Methodist, Assembly of God, Full Gospel, Pentecostal, American Baptist, Mennonites and many others. What is amazing is that all denominations can come here and work side by side with love for one another and for the children.

6/10. God has a sense of humor. There are teams here at the same time from La., Alabama, Tn., Pa. and Texas. At 1pm we received two children followed at two by two more children and later in the evening two more young children. The men on the teams are putting up fencing.

6/11. I took a 14 year old girl to court where she was to witness against her grandfather for sexual abuse. As she was giving her testimony her grandmother ran towards her and spit in her face. She was taken to jail. The girl testified for over an hour and the entire court room was crying. As she left and they took the grand- father to jail her own father said to her, “I hate you and never want to see you again”.  It is stories like this that break all of our hearts.