#398 our story

Bob has been building cabinets that have an area to hang clothes, 3 drawers and 2 opened areas. They cost us $250 each and thus far Bob has built and installed 8. Our dorms are 15 to 25 years old & so much needs to be done. Pray about providing funding for a cabinet.

Duke began working today in the welding shop as well as making a check list of the dorms. The number one problem in the dorms is the water faucets and commodes as the many earth tremors we have had just loosens everything and this leads to mold so it is very dangerous. 

6/4/2002.  The government closed a home for children and they sent us Maria,14, Claudia, 15, and Zoila, 15. Bill Hood and his team arrived to install the water tower. 

6/5. Fernando had to go before the judge because of the accident. He was driving when a bicycle crossed the road right in front of him and was hit. The judgment was we bought a new bicycle and paid medical expenses for his broken leg. We have had so many new children that purchasing them has been a financial drain. Maybe you could pray about buying 5 Bibles for us. They need to be the King James version in Spanish. The Alabama team began immediately installing the water tower. We were sent two brothers, 8 year old Hamilton, and 10 year old Eddy. 

6/6. The tower sits 60 feet high and is very impressive. In the evening The Woodlands women washed the feet of the girls and prayed over them. We were blessed with a gift of lice shampoo and diapers from a K-Mart in Denver.6/7. The mother/daughter team from Texas left. They did so much and the time just flew by. The Alabama team is checking and tightening every bolt on the tower. Some of them had time to put up paneling in a dorm. Lewis T. from Tennessee arrived with a team that will be laying pipe. The high school finished their final exams.