#397 our story

One of my oldest & dearest friends, Mike Davis, died this morning. Dottie was actually the midwife for the birth of their children 35 years ago.

Duke, from Athens, Al. arrived to help with welding and plumbing projects. He has been coming faithfully for 19 years.

6/1/2002. Bob has been using his new tractor to move dirt to the area where we will build the new school rooms. The older boys wanted to help so they are spreading the dirt. John was assisted by the university boys to clean out the huge water tanks that will sit on the tower. We sketched out plans where and how we will build a half of a gymnasium so the children can still play soccer & basketball in bad weather.

6/2. A group of women arrived from The Woodlands, Tx. The leader is Brenda and we all refer to her as Bubbly Brenda as she is on a high all day long. John H. who normally comes with this team was unable to due to the death of his mother. A group of teenagers from a school in Guatemala City came with clowns, piñatas and goodies for the younger children. With the Mississippi team doing VBS it looks like busy ants everywhere.

6/3. All of the female visitors jumped right in and began painting the ceilings in the older dorms. In the afternoon they had craft projects for the 9-12 year old girls. We were so shocked and disappointed by a court ruling which says that any lawyer can remove a child from a children’s home if that child was abandoned. This was such a low blow to us. However, skip now from 2002 to the date I am typing this, 2019, and let me share wit you that this never happened at Casa. God has been so good.