#396nour story

I gave my testimony to two teams that are here.

Last night I preached to both the visitors and our children at the same time so mixing Spanish and English was interesting.

Woods Edge had games and prizes with the little boys and then a sports evening with the older boys.

St. Paricks from Tennessee will be doing crafts with the older girls.

Our cook, Amalia, fell and hurt her knee so is off for 3 weeks.   

5/25/2002. Elizabeth Nolen is beyond middle age and has moved to the Quiche’ area of Guatemala & has set up a feeding program for 300 children. She shares the Word with them before they eat. This is the only Bible teaching they receive & the only good meal. Her main financial resource has had money problems so many you could send $10 a month to assist her.

5/26. Dottie loves this time of the year as the rains have begun and everything is green and her flowers are beautiful. 

5/27. The judge asked that I take the six children back to forensics so evidently they discovered something. As we were driving there was a wreck in front of us and the truck burst into flames. It delayed us an hour. We received a new girl. Another court called and said they were on their way with 4 officials to look for a child that was kidnapped and sold. Sure enough the child was one of the 6 babies I took to court so that was the purpose of revisiting the forensics lab. 

5/28. Melvin was jumped and beaten as he was walking to school. Two policemen were passing and arrested the two men beating him. 

5/29. Teams will soon arrive to construct the water tower. The Escatawa, Ms. Team of 44 arrived to host a VBS. We also plan on building a half of a gymnasium so the boys can play soccer even when it is raining. The clinic is thriving under the leadership of Wendy.