#395 our story

Visiting day so Bible was in the evening.

One team had VBS from 1-4pm with different dorms.

There was a horrible accident in front of our property as a beer truck made an illegal turn & was hit by an auto.

The USA signed a pact with Guatemala making Guatemala stop migrants from Honduras & El Salvador. This will bring gang members as well as people seeking jobs that Guatemala just does not have.

5/21/2002. The Birmingham team is painting the clinic and drawing pictures on the wall to make it more comfortable for the children. 

5/22. Lately I have received many letters and enquiries about coming to work at Casa. Some of them have never been here and they have no idea as to the stress, long hours, labor and heartache of working here. So I ask anyone interested to pray long and hard before making such a decision. With 500 children you are looking at being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am not an easy person to work with.

5/23. This was an overwhelming day although it was all positive. Walter and Edy came to Casa over 2 years ago but their siblings were sent elsewhere. Today Ankara, 14, Orquidia,12, Yesenia,9, Gregoria, 10, and Angela 3 all arrived here at Casa. As we were greeting them and getting them where they needed to be a police van arrived with 6 babies Jonathan,1 month, Fatima, 7 months, Roberto, 1 year, Moises, 3 months, Elizabeth, 10 months, and Gustavo, 5 years. They were brought from a home that was discovered selling children. 

5/24. Steve left for the states to be with his mother on her birthday. The school finished their mid-terms so there is a lot of joy over the one-week vacation. I had to take the 6 new babies to the forensic physician and we waited 3 hours while watching those kiddos.