#394 our story

One team played with puzzles with the dialysis children followed by water relays with all the youngest girls.

The St. Patrick’s team took the Estrelitta’s girls to a movie & then had crafts with the girls in Esperanza.

The Collierville team had crafts for the junior high.

There are 4 teams here as a South Carolina team arrived. One team is doing a carnival. 

A pantomine

5/18/2002. Bob & I took the older boys to clean the vocational area as we will have supplies coming via containers. We received a teenager and also 5 new children under 10 years of age. The rains have started so we get a torrential down pour daily. However I am happy because everything becomes green and bright and the rains clean everything. We had a pastor’s conference with 10 village pastors. It will last 3 days.

5/19. The Bible study today was one of the best ever. I had a group of teens interview each pastor so we could better know them, their family, their church and their needs. 

5/20. We had another inspection and it went well also. One thing they wanted to know was if we are willing to accept children of convicted felons. It is a dangerous thing to do but we cannot turn away children because of the sins of the parents. The inspectors were lawyers with the Human Rights out of the Hague. Six young boys had been arrested for selling drugs. As they stood before a very frustrated judge who yelled at them and said, “What can I do with you? You are kids. If I put you in jail you will be raped or killed”. One of the boys raised his hand and said, “Judge, you can end us to the City of Children”. 

Everyone looked at one another and the judge said, “Where is the City of Children?” and the boy replied, “It is on the highway by San Bartolome’”. So the judge sent the 3 lawyers to inspect our home and after 4 hours one lawyer said, “I am going back to court and tell the judge that we have found the City of Children”.

Would you believe that for the second time in 3 days we received one teenager and five other children ages 4-11?