#393 our story

Help! We need prayer warriors. We desperately need dorm parents. We will need one set by December 1st& a second set next spring.

Quique played his official game wit the third string of the national team. His team won.

We have 2 new teams. Tennessee had a praise service with the university kids. One team went on an outreach with Helmer. St Patricks had hot dogs with Buen Pastor.

Griselda, dialysis returned from the hospital.

5/14/2002. Angelina was robbed on the bus and they took everything. She walked a couple of miles to a classmate’s house and they gave her bus fare to get to Casa. She was really shaken as the thief held a knife to her throat.  We took Carman to a neurologist and we were encouraged by the report. He thinks she will recover 80% of her motor skills. Remember she is the one who quit breathing during her appendectomy. Jon Boch, age 14, preached to the kids and has always done a good job. We have no water.

5/15. We still are not receiving any water. The kids formed a bucket brigade and got water from a ditch in order to flush commodes. I had to go purchase 1000 galloons of water for cooking, drinking, baby formulas, etc. I had technicians working on our pump. If we can get it to work just 30 more days the new water system and tanks will be in place.

5/16. We received an inspection from a national children’s group and all was well. In order to get the yearly tags for your vehicles you have to go to the bank nearest where you bought your car. I had to go to 7 banks and the tags ranged in price from $40 to $200. We had a Guatemalan pastor come with his praise team to worship & preach.

5/17. A group from Birmingham arrived tonight and they will be working on our clinic. They are painting, sorting medicines and adding a room for a physician. Oseas and Veronica left at 4am for a 3 day trip to Mexico. They are studying tourism so will be visiting Mexico and all the Central American countries. We had the second of seven nights of prayer, praise and preaching. We go from 7pm until 1am. Fernando who wrecked our van took it to a mechanic today. It will not cost too much.