#392 our story

I have not been feeling very well for the last few days.

The teams that are here have been so willing to do whatever is asked of them. It has been a good summer with so many teams wanting to bless the children.

The Collierville team spent an hour painting with the baby dorm.

The Woods Edge group from The Woodlands, Tx arrived.

I sure wish we had containers to unload. Providing for Christmas is so much more difficult now.

5/11/2002.  We began building four new classrooms for our school. Our population reached 460 today. The most children that we will ever have at one time would be 527. The teenagers came and asked if we could start a Friday night service of praise and prayer. So we gave it a try tonight and the service went all night long until breakfast. 

5/12. Everyone was so excited about last night that they just used all their energy to gather avocados, clean water drains, spread dirt, cleaned the kitchen and dining hall. Then they played soccer.

5/13. Today is Sunday and in the morning service over 20 teenagers gave their lives to Jesus. I know it is the result of the prayer and praise last Friday. The dust is so deep that once the children bathe they cannot come outside. We will have to lay concrete blocks once we have the money. However it was fun as Andrew played with the boys and a water hose and then Dottie did the same for the girls. David fell and we thought he had broken his leg. Open Door Ministries sent 11 young adults from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio to spend some time with us.