#391 our story

Some of the American visitors helped Dottie with her flowers which she always enjoys. One of the teams fixed a meal for the dorm parents. Last night the female visitors washed the feet of our workers and prayed over them. One team began priming the kitchen for repainting. The second team is working in the baby dorm clothing room. The third team went on an outreach.

Oscar had all of the college boys work on removing the weeds around the butane tanks as well as painting the metal on the generator. The rains here causes those weeds to grow so quickly.


Painting one of the metal panels for the generator

5/9/2002. Billy I who was raised here for 12 years and left last year looking for a job returned today and asked if he could work here for no pay if I would send him to school. I found him something he could do to help so he will be able to continue his education. Today in 2019 he has a job in the city where he lives. He is a distant runner and actually runs from the city to Casa for Sunday services. He runs about 12 miles one way. God showed me years ago that I needed to be a man of mercy. So I believe in second chances.

5/10. We had the strangest visit today by an organism of the government known as In Defense of the Children. They wanted to know if we would accept children of convicted felons. Of course I said that we would. 

Nine boys were before a judge for selling drugs. The oldest was nine & the youngest was 6 years old. The judge was so angry & screamed at the boys, “What can I do with you? If I put you in prison you will be raped and maybe even killed”. One of the boy raised hi hand and said to the judge, “You can send us to the City of Children”. 

Everyone looked at one another and the judge said, “Where is the city of children?” The boy said it is Casa Aleluia in San Bartolome. So the judge sent the three lawyers to check us out. When they were leaving they said, “We are going to return to the judge and tell him that we found the City of Children”. God has given us such favor.