#390 our story

We received a new girl last night.

Josue’ took Mike F to the airport at 3:30am & then took a child to court at 6am.

Sebastian had a meeting with Dr. Lou about Sindy II in dialysis.

Debbie’s sister, Cindy, has helped Gladys with the Christmas bodega while here since Tuesday.

Matt and Tony built a dog house for the Dobermans. It is as nice as our dorms.

5/5/2002.   Donnie ministered to the Americans in the morning and then Bob ministered to the teenagers in the evening. Both did an excellent job and a number of folks were saved. Today was visiting day for non-abusive parents to see their children. Dr. Herman brought a bus load of Americans to see Casa and hear my testimony. The government announced that there are 800,000 children not enrolled in school. Those ages 6 and over are in the work force either on farms or in factories. The average income for farmhands or venders in markets is about $2 per day.

5/6. A missionary couple from the Dominican Republic came to speak with Dottie and me about a home for children here in Guatemala that is offering them that ministry because the former directors had been removed by the government. They were accused of physical abuse. We prayed with them and I believe they are so sincere I would love to see them take that ministry. I exchanged money today and the dollar continues to slide downward.

5/7. The courts sent 11 children so I had to go and purchase 6 new bunk beds. Nine years ago Wendy came to Casa. The judge sent her here because she was a thief. She is now 18 and is returning to her family. She became a Christian here and we feel confident that she will do well in the future. 

5/8. I was in various courts all day today as judges were interviewing some of our children. Everything went well. Our budget took a large hit recently because of Fernando’s auto accident and Jose’s accident when he fell from a tree and needed surgery. The electric bill arrived and it was $6000. Eventually our electric bill would hit $12,000. By 2019 the bill has stabilized around $6,000.