#389 our story

Debbie fell down the steps in the office and now has a cast on her leg up to her knee.                           

 A new team arrived from Tyler, Tx.  & I gave them my testimony. 

Sindy II had a new catheter placed and it is working. Gieselda is a little better & probably will come home this week. 

5/1/2002. Fourteen year old Jonathon Boch preached his first sermon last night and it was excellent. He kept the attention of over 400 children so that is an accomplishment. Our social worker, Edy, was in downtown Guatemala when a drug bust went down and he saw two gang members shot to death near him. Today was Guatemalan Labor Day so all of our employees had the day off. We were able to cover all responsibilities by older children.

5/2. Following the accident where Fernando hit the man on the bicycle not only did the judge keep my $1000 but they also impounded my van. I was moaning about that when news arrived that there was an accident in the same spot and a woman hit and killed a child crossing the highway. I quit feeling sorry for myself immediately. Donnie arrived tonight with a group from his church in Hoover, Al.  The church is Cumberland Presbyterian. Bob, a missionary fro Columbia was with them.

5/3. Horrible news today! When you have to work with 9 different judges you get to know each one personally. Today the only Christian judge was fired. The Supreme Court said that she was too slow in doing her paper work. I went to city hall in Guatemala City as I still do not have the deed to the property we purchased 7 years ago. Eventually in 2004 I would get it.

5/4. The word in the courts is that the judge was fired because she prayed over the children when they came to her court. I took Bob and Donnie to various villages to see some of the churches the Lord has allowed us to build. Meanwhile Dottie hosted a baby shower for Sara.