#388 our story

This was such a lovely Sunday. I taught the children in Spanish and then I ministered the Word in English for the visitors. My topic was “Being Forgotten” and it ministered more to me than the two congregations.

The Americans spent the afternoon playing with the children.

Mixing lunch

4/20/2002. Today was graduation day for our three nurses: Analy, Marleny and Karen. The foundation for the water tower was poured. It took 41 cubic meters of concrete. We had to buy a walker for Carmen. 

4/21. I gave Carmen the walker and she said, “No. I want to walk alone”. And she did. So she would never need the walker. Twenty little boys moved into a dorm with Andrew. Andrew is from Canada where his father pastors. He would come many times over the years and at last count he and his wife have 10 children.

4/22. Fernando was driving one of our vans to take the social worker home and go to his college classes when a man on a bicycle crossed the road and Fernando hit him breaking his leg. The police took Fernando to jail and he was so scared he did not sleep for three days which is how long it took for me to get him out on bail. $1000. In Guatemala it does matter who is at fault the driver will always go to jail. As the years would pass we could buy an insurance policy to protect our drivers. We have used that policy 11 times in our 30 years in Guatemala.

4/23. We took Carmen to an ophthalmologist and her tests were very good as she is regaining her sight. I believe most of her damage was due to trauma and her body is now healing itself due to all the prayers and love shown to her. 

4/24. Alex was our 8thchild back in 1989. Today his wife, Sara, gave birth to a little girl whom they named Misty after Dottie and my first child. 

4/25. I went to court with Fernando and they told me they were keeping the $1000 bail money and calling it even. I had no recourse. We received 7 children. Angela is 6, Sonia is 4, Blanca is 8 months, Ingrid is 2, Francisco is 10, Mildred is 7 and Rene is 2.