#387 our story

One team had water balloon play with the boys while the other team played with the other children.

Hector and I drove to Villa Canas (2 hours one way) to see where we will perform the wedding next month.

Josue’, Debbie, Sebastian & Mike continued their meeting.

Who would of thought when this foto was taken that this child, Josue’, would one day walk in my shoes.

4/17/2002. The ex-president of Guatemala, Carpio Ramarez, was found dead at age 60 in Miami. It appeared to be a result of diabetes. 

4/18. We brought Carmen home as the physicians say they cannot do anything else for her. So we believe that if we surround her with prayer and laughter it will speed up the healing. Wendy put together a schedule so that Carmen can be in some sort of therapy 6 hours a day. Our nursing students, Analy, Marleny and Karen will be responsible two hours each day to see that Carmen gets what she needs,

The dorm is 98% ready so David and Regina moved in today and the boys will move in tomorrow. We are rethinking our planning for the dorms. In January we will have 58 high school and college girls so they will need David’s old dorm. So we will shift the youngest children to the second largest dorm, Estrelitas. John and Robyn will watch the babies. Everyone has been so cooperative.

4/19. Twenty-three of the oldest girls volunteered to have a rotation to help Carmen with her therapy. One of the truths about Casa is how in 30 years we have always had older teens both boys and girls willing to help the younger children.

Sadly, Brennon received word that his cousin had drowned. They had not found the body. So just 3 hours later he was on a plane taking him to Wisconsin.