#386 our story

An Arkansas team arrived so I gave my testimony to the teams that are here.

Mike F. continues to meet with our staff.

I am not sure if I have ever told you but our college boys help Oscar every day for 4 hours. I want the children to feel like they are part of the ministry.

A living wheel

4/14/2002. We were totally shocked and saddened by a court order from a judge that we were to return Geovany, age 13, to his father. The shock and unbelief is that Geovany has NEVER seen his father. This is obvious a ploy by the father to get Geovany and put him to work. He is so scared. I am sure he will never see the inside of a school again and he is a good student.  

Carmen is experiencing some motor skill problems since the surgery. It is in her feet and her hands so we will begin looking for a physical therapist.

4/15. The final container is still at the port. Steve and the teams are laboring to finish cabinets, molding, baseboards, window frames and bathrooms. Hopefully, customs will release the container tomorrow. It was very funny today when one of the 5 year olds told Sheryl, “Can you tell Papi all I want for Christmas is my own bed?” We do have two little ones in a bed as we await more new beds. We will move kids to new dorms so we can get relief in the baby dorm.

Two policemen came by and asked us for phone numbers because so many judges want the children to come to Casa that it has reached the ears of judges 100 miles away. The Department of Education sent their personnel to observe what Carlos is doing in our school. We have an excellent program and an excellent staff.

4/16. Dottie and I went to Lesbia’s school for a meeting. Our hearts were totally broken when we wen to see Carmen in the hospital. She has now developed vision problems. Being without oxygen for ten minutes seems to be affecting more of her body each day. We went to Peronia and were able to find her mother. She has never visited Carmen but cried and cried and wants to stay with Carmen in the hospital.