#385 our story

The generator is back on line.

Mike F, Debbie, Josue and Sebastian began their meeting & will be covering a number of topics.

The Tn team had a time of songs and music for the older teens. The Texas team had banana splits for the younger girls. They also had devotions with the older girls.

We received 4 new children last night. Josue is garnering so much favor with the courts.

My granddaughter Susie

4/12/2002. It was truly a tearful goodbye when Dottie and I dropped Estella at the airport for her flight to Memphis and a new stage in her life at Union University in Jackson, Tn. We just hugged her and then tearfully drove off to go to a high school where 12 of our children are enrolled. Six of the twelve made the honor roll. They were Esvin, Silvio, Elder, Querwin, Karen and Jose’ David. The American women cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom.

We heard from the hospital and it appears that Carmen will survive. Somehow her appendix had grown into her intestines. She is heavily sedated and even on Valium to keep her still. Wendy is in the hospital with her. When she awoke she knew Wendy so it appears that she will recover totally. 

4/13. For the first time our children were invited to participate in a full day of soccer at a school in Mixco. Kindergarten through 6thgrade participated. They were fed a large meal. Trophies were available for winners in each age group and ribbons were given to every child. 

Mama Rene from Illinois is now in her 70s and outworks almost everyone on staff. Today she bought books for the school library. She has helped us to have an excellent school library as well as being the driving force behind our sewing ministry. 

Dottie was invited to go to a vegetable import business where they gave her 1000 pounds of broccoli as well as cases of snow peas and okra. The okra was such a blessing as you cannot grow okra in Guatemala. Both Dottie and I love okra but we will share it with the children. Dottie cooked a chicken & okra gumbo for everyone.