16th: My secretary, Debbie, arrived with Cindy & others from Louisiana as well as a team from Tennessee. The Texas team had a cookie party with the baby dorm & a program with all of the female dorms. 


4/6. Carlos was on his way to the beach with all of our teachers when a drunk driver crossed the center lane hitting Carlos and flipping 3 times. None of our folks were hurt. Our guard allowed a woman to enter Casa to visit. She was drunk and began hitting children. I had to put her on the ground and sit on her until the police arrived. The new beds we have built are being sanded by the boys who will also paint their own bed tomorrow. They are so excited about the new dorm.

4/7. Someone sent an offering so that we could take Estella and her 3 brothers out for a fancy meal since she will be leaving in a few days. They have never been separated so this will be a very emotional departure. 

4/8. We left early with Paula, Harvey and Jenny Lynn to visit some of the village churches that we have been privileged to build. We ate with one of the pastor’s families. We were able to see 5 churches. When we returned home a group of 6thgraders had fixed the evening meal for Dottie and me. 

4/9. Sheryl took the little girl who was raped at 18 months of age to prepare her for her fourth operation. John took 2 other children to the hospital. Yakelin took Carlitos (deaf) to school and stayed with him. I am afraid that due to his behavior if we do not send someone with him daily he will no be able to remain in that school. In the midst of this busy day a judge came here herself with 6 sisters who were all abused by their father. The problem was tat after I said “Yes” the judge said, “By the way the oldest girl is pregnant”. We just are not set up for that so they placed her in a home that had that ministry. Another judge sent a 4 year old and later a 9 year old so this was a wild day.