#382 our story

The team served hot dogs to the older boys. They also began their usual ministry of praying over every house and ministry of Casa. They also had games for the dialysis children.

Please remember to pray for us as we need two more couples as house parents for the young boys(Cometas) & the high school girls (Doncillas). 

4/3/2002.  It has happened! Our first child to grow we here & have the opportunity to study in the USA was accepted at Union University and received her passport today. It is the beginning of an era I believe. In my heart I feel as though we will have many children attend college here in Guatemala and be delivered from the poverty and hopelessness of their past. We left the US Embassy with passport in hand. We took Estella to lunch and I was so overcome with emotions that I cried while praying over the food. From where she and her brothers came from to where they are today is a miracle. Her older brother, Fernando, has his own business and is married to Anna with two children. They are dorm parents as well here at Casa.

Esvin, the next oldest is also married and is a teacher near Casa. The youngest brother, Mario, has a good job and is married with two children and his wife, Mariella, is a dorm parent here. Only God can do this and my prayer is many of the children will not only get saved, educated, married with good jobs but also give a testimony to the world as to what God can and will do.

4/4. So many children had to go to court appearances that John took one group while Paula took a second group and I took a third group. We actually have children from nine different courts scattered around Guatemala. Dottie took 4 children to the hospital. Sheryl returned last night from her time with her daughter in the hospital in Dallas. Steve is very happy.

4/5. Judge Harvey & Jenny Lynn arrived from Milan, Tn. to take Estella back to their home where she will live while attending her first year at Union University. Both the Ohio and Tennessee teams left today. Ricardo began work on the water tower foundation as well as the new classrooms. The deaf child, Carlitos, is too smart for the deaf school he attends. He does his academic work so quickly that he has too much down time so he bothers the other children.