#381 our story

14th: I spent a great deal of time yesterday praying for the storm Barry hitting the Gulf Coast. My family is in Lafayette, Opelousas & Baton Rouge.

The Woodlands team is having an ice breaker(ice cream) with all of the older girls.

Angie’s father collects items for us for Christmas. He lives in Escatawpa, Mississippi & will drive to meet anyone who can bring a suitcase to us. He will pay for the suitcase. E-mail Angie at Angewyatt@aol.com

Some of the college girls wishing me Happy Birthday

3/30/2002.Dottie & I took 45 girls to the movies while Carlos took the boys in his dorm to lunch. The two new teams hit the ground running to work on the dorm. Luis and his team left for their homes in Alabama. A judge called and asked if we could help with 60 abused, abandoned and starving children. The dorms fill up as fast as we build them. 

3/31. We had a sunrise service and the Lord’s Supper at 5:30am. The children were so cooperative and as the sun rose over the mountain we just felt the peace and presence of the Lord. 

Dottie’s favorite dog, Hooch, a Doberman passed away. Dottie as always been more attached to our animals than I have.

4/1. The two teams are painting as well as installing walls. In the evening they had a gift for each child as well as candy, ice cream and pizza for them all. 

4/2. We received Eri, age 4, and Samuel, 5. Their parents were murdered. One thing I should have mentioned earlier was that while we were in the states Jose’ was able to get 3 more churches finished as well as begin building 2 others. By 2019 with your loving support over 100 churches, pastor’s homes and Sunday schools would be built.