#380 my story

I woke up ill this morning so I pretty much stayed in bed.

The NC team had coffee & doughnuts for the staff. Both teams spent this Saturday playing with and blessing the children.

Gretchen is in Morgan City with Hurricane Barry pounding them. She is manning telephones to help resue stranded people.

3/26/2002. We are anxious to fly home tomorrow. We shopped and Tony took the items to Debbie. She will fill suitcases with the gifts and teams coming to Guatemala will bring them to Casa. In Guatemala Jerry left for Alabama but in those few days he tiled all of the floors, the bathroom and the showers. What a blessing he has been for 5 years. Maybe someday he and his family will be on the mission field.

3/27. Dottie and I arrived in Guatemala and we were able to be at Casa when the children who have “safe” parents and court permission were able to go home for 3 days. There were 192 with permission. It was so exciting for Dottie and I to see all of the construction completed while we were in the states.

3/28. Our first full day back home in Guatemala sure felt good. Paula & Wendy took the teenage girls swimming. We will try to bless the children who were unable to go home. It took me all day to make folders on all of the children we received while Dottie and I were in the states. I had asked the staff to only accept babies and sexually assaulted children while I was gone. There were 15 of them. 

3/29. You may remember reading of Jorge Luis who fell from a tree and needed surgery. Well today he cut off two fingers. He was riding a bike, reached down to grab the chain and cut those fingers. While I was in the states he ran a skate board into a tree and broke his shoulder. Two groups arrived today. Hilldale Baptist from Clarksville, Tn. and New Hope from Proctorsville, Ohio.