The seniors went to Antigua to take their test which they must pass to graduate. There is a lot of pressure on the students.

Last night dorms came every few minutes to give me posters, little gifts & one dorm even gave me a financial gift to help with the generator. Cristine made me a coconut pie & Georgie took us to lunch. Karina’s dorm brought a cake which we sliced up & gave to those girls.

The Woodlands women arrived.

The NC team had a soccer tournament for the boys. The staff had our monthly Bible time.

Dottie and me

3/23/2002.  Dottie and I went to the largest mall that we have ever seen and bought hundred of Christmas gifts. Friends from the area will get the items to Gulfport. In the evening we had a covered dish meal at Hickory Grove Baptist and I shared with them the ministry of Casa.  In the evening Mike took us to Parkwood Baptist in Concord City where again I shared the ministry of Casa with the congregation. This is our last speaking engagement as we will be flying home soon. In Guatemala a group of people from Athens came in to help us over Easter week as all of the Guatemalan staff is off.

3/24. We again ministered with two churches in Charlotte. In Guatemala Dr. Street dropped by Casa to visit the children with his medical team as they are going to Queche’ to hold a medical outreach. The youngest rape victim that we have had come to Casa is an 18 month old child. She has had 3 surgeries and will require a 4thone. The physicians assured us that she will be normal and able to have children. Today, 2019, that terribly abused girl is in college.

3/25. We had breakfast with Mike & Mary and then flew to Houston where we met our son, Tony. While visiting with Tony we received a phone call that our daughter, Tanya, had given birth to a boy. He was born on the same day as Tanya’s first child, Robert. In Guatemala the courts closed the factory across the street from us because they discovered the worker who was killed crossing the road was only 12 years old. When they investigated it was determined that children as young as 10 were working there. Al & Gail came to help Jerry lay the tile. Their ministry is near the Salvadorian border. They are Canadians.