#378 Our story

Some of the staff took Dottie & I to breakfast to celebrate my 76thbirthday. The children brought posters, cakes & gifts. I am the most blessed father on earth.

Today the Junior High graduates took the government test in Antigua. They must pass this test in order to pass to high school.

The work on moving the generator began today. This generator runs the clinic, baby dorm, water well, office and my house so please pray that the electricity does not go off until this work is finished. Oscar thinks it will take a week.


3/20/2002. Dottie ministered to a woman’s group in the morning and then we shared with Pastor Brooks at Faith Temple in Sulphur. In Guatemala the children finished the last of the first semester exams.

3/21. We had to go and sign legal documents for the lawyer and then we left immediately for Houston. Malcolm drove us as he did from the 1990’s until even today in 2019. In Guatemala Jerry Tomlin returned to lay tile in the new dorm. He is teaching some of the older boys that skill. Remember Jerry left a week ago after waiting for the container to arrive so he returned home to Alabama only to turn around in 10 days and return when the container of tile arrived. Sheryl went to the pre-medical school where Silvio and Moises attend. The director told her that Silvio maybe the best student they have ever had. Sadly Silvio’s mother convinced him to go live with her in the USA and he would not continue with his education.

3/22. Flew to Charlotte, NC where Dottie was able to finally get a day of rest. Back in Guatemala Sheryl got up in the dark because of a crying baby and she tripped & fell and broke two bones in her foot. To make things worse she received a call from Dallas that her daughter, Summer, had been hospitalized. We do not know the details. She flew to Dallas so Steve is overseeing the baby dorm.