#377 our story

There were less than 25 people at Sindy’s funeral & 6 of them were we from Casa.

Jacobo was robbed at gunpoint coming from college. He is so scared. Pray for him.

Dottie has been suffering & 5 days with severe leg pains.

Gladys & I began buying gifts for Christmas.

Grigos verses Casa kids

3/16/2002. Drove from Crossett to Lafayette to visit our daughters and visit two book stores. In Guatemala the Guntersville team left and the building is ready for tile. Steve and Edy had to get physical with some parents who arrived at the gate drunk demanding to see their children.

3/17. We ministered at the two morning services at Family Life. We had lunch with Pastor Todd and his family. We were joined by Francis and Babs whom we have known for decades. After lunch we drove to Opelousas where we visited until it was time to drive to Rayne were we ministered for Pastor Finley at Abundant Life. We then drove to Lake Charles where we had no problem falling to sleep. In Guatemala a bus struck a pedestrian at our front gate. That is two deaths by traffic in front of our home in three days. Dottie gave Marleny her gumbo recipe and Marleny cooked gumbo for all of the children. 

3/18. We shopped for Christmas gifts for the children to ship from Gulfport. Back in Guatemala Steve & Edy attended a symposium by an international Victim Rights Group which is designed to help folks like us to have recourse when outrageous decisions are made by the courts. However, now in 2019, it has not been implemented. 

3/19. As we hop for Christmas gifts I would appreciate sponsors who want to purchase gifts for their children to please do so within the next two months so we can get them shipped to Guatemala. In Guatemala a student from one of the seminaries came to preach his very first sermon to our children. Paula is ill.